Google Photos will have a secure folder to store the photos that we do not want anyone to see

Google Photos is preparing to implement a series of novelties, ranging from new privacy options to the creation of new types of content.

Some of the new features begin rolling out today, and others will roll out throughout the year.

New Google Photos features

One of the novelties that will come to Photos has to do with “Memories”. Those collections that Google Photos creates automatically to bring photos and videos from the past taking into account different criteria.

Starting with the new update, Google will focus on finding visual patterns to bring a new type of “Memories” based on details that repeat significantly in 3 or more photographs. In the example shown by Google, it is seen that the common point between the chosen photographs is the backpack.

Google Photos creations

So from these “memories” you can relive different moments that share a certain particularity. And to this is added a new collection of the best moments of the month, among other automatic creations.

And continuing with the “Memories” Google photos is adding more controls for users to decide if they want to keep or delete some of the photos in these collections or make any modifications. On the other hand, it premieres the “cinematic moments” that follow the same dynamics of Apple Live Photos. It will use several still shots (those that we usually take one after another to get the best image) to create a Photography with movement.

This will be a creation that any user can create by simply selecting these almost identical shots to let the AI ​​do the rest of the work. A dynamic that will work both for photos taken with the mobile as those that we scan and upload to Google Photos.

And there is also one of the most anticipated novelties by intensive users of Photos: the possibility of having a secure folder to save the content that we want to keep private. This folder will be protected by password or the blocking means that we have activated on the mobile.

And of course, all the photos that are sent to this folder will not appear in any of the Google Photos sections or on the device. Some of these new features already begin to be implemented as of today, but others will be activated throughout the year.

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