Huawei Experience: The Assistant Today news site has been revamped

The home screen of the EMUI system includes a useful search, newsreader and card collection.

Not only is the home screen on Android phones customizable, we can pack useful widgets, launchers, and web links next to the icons. And to the left of such main pages of HMS phones is Assistant Today a full-page newsreader and toolbar that had never been so well equipped. Seen from the top down, a system-wide search bar, a customizable icon pack, more or less info cards, and recent feed posts included a one-click update.


The search engine, which works with our Huawei account and the entire mobile system, is very useful as it searches applications, files, emails, settings, notes, calendar entries, the optimizer, search history and web results. The search engine home page displays a few frequently used application icons and some that Huawei Today recommends for installation, including domestically developed ones. The search engine for web results can be Bing, Petal or Seznam, and we can decide whether to request personalized ads or help developers by sharing anonymous data.


To the right of the search bar, a QR code reader and an intelligent image recognition service are also available, after all, HMS uses several artificial intelligence-based algorithms for more efficient hits. On the Assistant Today home page, you can drop a few favorite launcher icons below the search bar, or shortcuts like say quickly add a new contact, start a new calendar entry, start taking notes, record a voice, alarm, or set display parameters.


Just below, Moments can be scattered on the Assistant page with tiny cards called, which can vary from tiny to larger pieces. For example, you have a card for Weather, Huawei Health, Calendar, popular apps from AppGallery, or Digital Balance that follows our mobile habits.


Other Huawei and third-party services can be selected, such as Enetpulse for Sport and SofaScore data provider for e-sports. You can choose from a number of sports or teams to get fresh results, or click on the card to view the sports calendar and other information. Mention may also be made of eSky for booking airline tickets or the FRVR card, which launches games without installation.


Assistant Today, of course, is used by most for news reading services, and we get a card-like selection from a large number of diverse sources, mostly from domestic immersion, through Microsoft or Squid News. Of course, by clicking on the posts, you can read the entire news or post, and even log in to your Microsoft account to customize your preferences. That’s all the Assistant Today home page knows, which of course is plenty, yet there are many useful and interesting things that simply appear on your home page. And if you had previously removed it, you could reset it in the settings by swiping two fingers together on the EMUI home screen.

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