Jurassic World: the Velocicoaster attraction is revealed in a video

On the other side of the Atlantic, visitors to Universal Orlando will be able to rub shoulders with the velociraptors of the Jurassic Park saga.

Have you always dreamed of walking through Jurassic Park and meeting ancestral creatures on your way? Good news, Universal Studio in Orlando is about to make your dearest wish come true. For lovers of velociraptors or any other dinosaur, the amusement park is preparing a new experience that promises to combine thrills and nostalgia. Called Velocicoaster, this roller-coaster will travel at more than 112 kilometers per hour and will offer a superb fall of more than 47 meters to visitors on board. In the queue, they will be able to observe the velociraptors up close, thanks to animatronics with striking realism. On Instagram, Universal Orlando has also unveiled the first images of these scary critters. The studios nevertheless specify that it will not be possible to stroke them, under penalty of leaving a hand. Nevertheless, this should delight paleontology enthusiasts who will be able to approach larger-than-life dinosaurs.

Despite the pandemic, which pushed the Universal Hollywood studio to keep its doors closed for several months, the Florida park has been able to stick to its schedule. Open since last June, Universal Studio Orlando will inaugurate its new attraction on June 10 next. On this date, visitors to the park will be able to soak up the universe of Steven Spielberg’s saga, passing the iconic arch of the first films, exploring the Jurassic Park with the River Adventure attraction. This water cruise will take a whole new turn when your raft is hijacked. Unfamiliar creatures have invited themselves and no one is immune. The most feared colossus might even stick a head there. The only way to escape the T-Rex is to dive more than 25 meters into a cascade of cool water. In the park, magic enthusiasts can also walk the famous village of Hogsmeade and explore the maze of life-size Hogwarts castle.

Jurassic World 3 hits theaters in June 2022

And for those who could not cross the Atlantic to discover the creatures of Jurassic Park in the flesh, Universal is preparing a third and final installment in its Jurassic World saga. Baptized Jurassic Word: the world after, the film directed by Colin Trevorrow will be released on our screens on June 8, 2022. He will transport us directly after the events of the second opus. The dinosaurs have escaped and humans must now learn to cohabit with these bloodthirsty creatures. In the cast, we will find Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in the main roles. Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern and Sam Neill will also be in the game, just to end the franchise in due form.

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