ProtonMail will have new versions, and Proton Calendar and Proton Drive will reach everyone this year

Among the alternatives focused on the privacy of users that have been arriving over the years, is the especially well-known secure email platform ProtonMail, launched just seven years ago by CERN scientists, to address all those users concerned about privacy and security online.

Over time, other services such as ProtonVPN, Proton Calendar and Proton Drive have been arriving through ProtonMail, thus conforming the Proton ecosystem as an alternative to the suite of applications of the main technology companies, and allowing today can celebrate the seventh anniversary indicating that more than 50 million users are subscribed to its services.

Anniversary with future perspectives focused on privacy and experience

In this regard, they also announce that throughout this 2021 they will launch new versions of ProtonMail on all platforms, starting with the web. In this regard, we must remember that there is currently a beta version in the making ( that greatly improves the user experience with respect to the one that exists in the current stable version.

They are also committed to expanding Proton Calendar and Proton Drive to all users on all platforms. At this point, these two services are currently available to paid account subscribers.

Obviously, users of free accounts will have fewer benefits than users of the different payment methods existing in the Proton ecosystem. From the foundation that supports this platform, they also commit to placing greater emphasis on the user experience throughout the future, seeking to make the use of these services easier, and therefore, it can reach many more people.

In this regard, they point out that there are still millions of people in the world “who use an Internet that exploits their data for profit and does not care about their best interests.”

For the rest, they will also be present to try to combat government initiatives against encryption, as is currently the case in Australia and the United Kingdom, but also against the anti-competitive practices of major technology companies, which try to harm competition that threaten their monopoly situation.

As we have already commented on previous occasions, Proton has proposed to de-google the Internet, so that users can cover a series of needs without having to go to the main technology companies.

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