Spotify will offer a series of virtual concerts for those who buy their tickets

From Spotify they are aware that followers need to be permanently connected with their favorite musical artists, and in the midst of a pandemic, despite the advances to try to bring back live concerts safely, there are those who still do not feel comfortable going to them.

Based on the experience obtained with virtual concerts throughout this pandemic, from Spotify they just presented the new program of virtual concerts that it will offer from the end of this month of May and throughout the next month of June.

Expanding into the virtual concert segment

They will be basically concert broadcasts that are prerecorded to which users They will be able to access only by purchasing tickets, which will cost $ 15 each, tickets being completely non-transferable, linked to the users’ own accounts, and without the right to return in case of losing the chosen transmission pass.

As for the transmission passes, Spotify will make four passes for each scheduled concert, for which users must choose the pass that best suits their time zone in which they are.

The pass system will allow the concerts to be enjoyed by users from different time zones around the world. These transmissions, as we can see, will be unique.

In this sense, the concerts will not be available on demand nor will they be available in the Spotify, having to be followed through a web browser. Regarding the duration, the transmissions will last between forty and seventy-five minutes.

Those people who are not yet users of Spotify, will have the possibility to create their own free user accounts throughout the purchase process. In this sense, Those who are not part of Spotify will not be able to access the virtual concerts.

Participants include The Black Keys and Leon Bridges, among others, up to a total of five bands. Those interested can consult the concerts planned on the web where they also they will be able to buy the tickets, choosing the pass that suits them best.

In order to Spotify:

Our ultimate goal, as always, is to help artists and fans connect with each other and share their art. These five shows reinforce that commitment and create a unique acting opportunity that creators and listeners are sure to love.

More information: Spotify

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