Spotify will radically change your Android watch

Smart watches are extremely useful for measuring physical activity, but they also play an important role in entertainment, and that’s where Spotify comes in.

The objective of Spotify in watches is to allow you to connect it with Bluetooth headphones and thus forget about the mobile, something that has not been possible until now.

Instead of just being able to control the music that is played on your phone, we can stream Spotify directly on the watch, so now we can say that it is a complete app, not a remote control.

Another novelty is that we can download music and podcasts to play them offline, so we only have to download when we are at home and be able to go out, without a mobile, listening to the songs from the smart watch.

The application will also be compatible with Spotify Connect, which allows you to instantly switch playback between different devices.

It is not known when the app will be updated, but they have already made the announcements, so they will surely do so before YouTube Music hits Wear. Remember that Wear OS will turn into Wear integrating with Samsung’s operating system, Tizen.

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