The remote control for Android TV will arrive integrated in Android 12

The latest version of the remote control app for Android TV It has been dating for four years. Since then, it had not undergone any renewal until now.

Instead of releasing any significant update for this app, Google announced that its functions will be integrated into the upcoming version 12 of Android.

A function that those who use Android TV will appreciate and also have an Android smartphone to their credit, was presented at the latest edition of Google I / O.

The possibility of controlling the TV from the mobile, without additional applications through, will come with Android 12.

Android TV remote control

Source: Google

In the presentation, the specific pairing mode between the TV and the mobiles was not specified (because there could be more than one, eventually). However, it can be presumed that the linking process should be straightforward, as with other sections and applications of the operating system.

With this implementation, the remote control would lose its essential status, since by not depending on an app or complex configurations, its use is easily accessible. With this function, it will be possible to control all the essential keys of a remote control, such as the arrow keys, volume keys and the keyboard, which instead of the one that is usually displayed on the screen, is very useful for carrying out written searches or for entering login data.

As a reference, this connection modality could already be seen in the Apple ecosystem. Although Apple TV can be controlled from a separate app, iOS already integrates the essential controls for its operation. With this move, Android would catch up on the experience they provide to their users.

This seems to be a good time for Android TV. According to what was presented at the annual Google conference, the system has 80 million active devices.

Although Fire TV or Roku, considered their most direct competitors, show lower figures, in these two cases the count is done differently. Their metrics count the number of active accounts, which are clearly not a reflection of the number of devices they might be running on.

Important news in this field also arrived for the developers. The Firebase Test Lab console has now extended its support to Android TV, which makes it possible to emulate the apps under development under this platform and thus facilitate work and obtain more reliable simulations of its operation.

At the moment, Android 12 has no announced date for its launch. Consequently, we don’t yet know when this particular feature will arrive as well.

In addition to the doubts about the calendar, it is also necessary to know if the app available on Google Play will receive updates, considering those devices that are not eligible to run the latest version of this operating system. Similarly, the same doubt applies to the case of iOS, which also has its edition of this app for iPhone in the App Store.

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