The Tesla Cybertruck is available … at Hot Weels

Mattel unveils its new scale model on Tesla’s Cybertruck. The remote control car is drastically reduced in price compared to the previous iteration.

While some customers are still waiting the previous model, Mattel is already unveiling its new miniature version of the Tesla Cybertruck. The new remote-controlled car will be offered at a decidedly lean price, around $ 100 for the whole kit. The version at one-tenth scale (1:10) comes with a Cyberquad bike, which can slip inside the trunk of the vehicle. On the other hand, to offer its new model almost four times cheaper than its predecessor, Hot Wheels had to revise its characteristics downwards.

Thus, this Cybertruck 2021 does not include a removable shell allowing you to look inside the passenger compartment. The lighting has also been changed slightly and it is half as fast. It can reach 12 miles per hour, or about 19 km / hour. As a reminder, the 2020 version capped at 40 km / h. This new model also does not include the broken window sticker, which referred to the little quack that had occurred during the official presentation of the real machine.

A sale on the wheel caps

This new Cybertruck model will be marketed from next Friday on the Mattel site. The sale will be launched from 12 noon (Eastern Time), i.e. 6 pm in our green regions. It will be necessary to expect that the stocks will be quickly sold out, as was already the case in February 2020. The lucky ones who will have been able to get their hands on it will be delivered from the September 15th. Nevertheless, the remote control toy is already available at pre-order on Amazon. It is offered to 129,46 euros for the set including the car and the small Cyberquad Bike.

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