Ubisoft: few changes at work since harassment complaints

Almost a year after the events, the majority of those targeted by the accusations are still employed at Ubisoft.

Last year, Ubisoft found itself at the heart of a heated controversy over charges of harassment and abusive sexual behavior. Legal proceedings were due to begin in early May over the harassment complaints. Group action is currently being carried out by Solidaires Computing Video Games, which has been busy in recent months gathering testimonies against Ubisoft. A report, published by The Telegram, shows that since these accusations, the company has put very little in place to change its corporate culture. “Toxic”.

He mentions for example the fact that Cécile Cornet, former director of human resources, has just given way to Anika Grant, even though she resigned after the accusations in July 2020. It is the same for many of those specially targeted by the charges, who are currently still in office. This is particularly the case of Florent Castelnérac and Hugues Ricour, the first being targeted by harassment complaints from a dozen different people. Ubisoft has stated that it is giving appointments to possible candidates but that “ nothing is particularly expected ».

Insufficient measures?

This is not the first time that practices within the video game industry have been singled out. Several other studios have faced accusations of unbearable working conditions, sexual harassment, intimidation from superiors, etc. However, from an external point of view, it seems that little has been done to really change the toxic work environment that Ubisoft faced last year.

However, this is not the opinion of the company since one of its representatives declared that “ Over a period of several months, Ubisoft implemented major changes in its organization, internal processes and procedures in order to guarantee a safe, inclusive and respectful work environment for all team members “. These changes include external investigations, the implementation of an anonymous whistleblower tool and the establishment of mandatory training on appropriate conduct in the workplace.

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