Zoom Events, the new Zoom platform for everything related to virtual events

In Zoom they are clear that once the pandemic that haunts us passes, virtual events will continue to exist, which have had such a boom for more than a year, and that they will coexist with face-to-face events, which will also be organized again.

In this sense, they just presented Zoom Events, the new all-in-one platform for organizing virtual events, and in which OnZoom will integrate, the current section in beta phase for everything related to the organization of smaller-scale paid events.

Encouraging video encounters through virtual events

Zoom Events will have its launch throughout this summer, without specifying a more precise date, through which they can be organized virtual events from smaller to larger, and for internal and external audiences.

Zoom says that Events It will be the center where you can organize and share events, which may be free, paid, single or serial, allowing the registration and control of attendees, the sale of tickets where appropriate, and with billing functions in a single portal, where in addition the hosts will be able to statistically follow up everything related to their events through the information that they will have through a series of metrics.

According to the official description:

Zoom Events combines the reliability and scalability of Zoom Meetings, Chat and Video Webinars into a comprehensive solution for event organizers, with the ability to produce live events with tickets for internal or external audiences of any size.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has allowed Zoom to go from being an option known only in the business field to being a solution where private users and organizations, who did face-to-face activities, have carried them through a screen, whether they are teachers individuals who have transferred their physical education classes or schools that have taken the syllabi to the screens of their students, among many other examples as we have seen.

Undoubtedly, Zoom has gone from being completely unknown to being the rival to beat by other technology companies, such as Microsoft or Google, which have been forced to change plans so that Zoom does not take most of the share of users when it comes to video calls and virtual meetings, leaving their services completely obsolete.

As the time comes, from Zoom they commit to offer more information about it.

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