Apple’s new features for accessibility on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Apple has announced a number of new software features that will soon be available for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. All of these features focus on accessibility, including AssistiveTouch for Apple Watch, Eye-Tracking-Support for iPad and a lot more. Right today, on the global day of action for digital Accessibility starts the new one SignTime-Service.

Apple previews powerful software updates for people with disabilities

Apple yesterday announced new software features designed for people with mobility, visual, hearing, and cognitive disabilities. Updates for all operating systems will be available later this year.

In this way, people with limb malformations will be able to enjoy the benefits of the Apple Watch without ever having to touch the display or controls. This is what the new function is for AssistiveTouch. Additionally, iPadOS will soon have support for Eye tracking devices that allows users to control their iPad with their eyes.

VoiceOver, one of the most powerful accessibility features for iPhone, is also getting a major upgrade. With this, VoiceOver can now give the user more details about pictures, including people, text, table data, and other objects in pictures. The position of a person can also be described in an image.

To support neurodiversity, Apple is introducing new background noise to minimize distractions. For the deaf and hard of hearing Made for iPhone (MFi) will soon support new bidirectional hearing aids. The microphones in these new hearing aids enable the deaf and hard of hearing to make hands-free calls and FaceTime calls. The next generation models from MFi partners will be available later this year.

Apple SignTime accessibility service launches today

Today (May 20th – global day of action for digital accessibility) Apple is also launching a new service called SignTime a. This enables customers to communicate with AppleCare and Retail Customer Care by using American Sign Language (ASL) in the USA, British Sign Language (BSL) in Great Britain or French Sign Language (LSF) in France directly in their web browser. Customers visiting Apple Stores can also use SignTime to remotely access a sign language interpreter without pre-booking. SignTime will initially be introduced in the USA, Great Britain and France and is to be expanded to other countries in the future.

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