Control your Apple Watch without hands, it will soon be possible

Ahead of the opening of its WWDC, Apple is introducing new accessibility features, including an AssistiveTouch mode for the Apple Watch, allowing you to control the watch without touching the screen.

After the opening conference of Google I / O and the launch of a first beta for Android 12, it will soon be Apple’s turn to unveil the new versions of its operating systems. To do this, meet on June 7, the opening date of the WWDC 2021.

But as the days grow thin before discovering new versions of iOS / iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS, Apple is starting to unveil some first new features, including new accessibility features for iOS 15, watchOS 8 and iPadOS 15.

On the iPhone side, Apple announces a new version of VoiceOver, an accessibility feature for visually impaired people that reads aloud to you the various elements displayed on the screen. This time, VoiceOver will be able to accurately describe photos to you. Apple specifies that this feature will describe you “The position of a person with other objects in the images” and will allow you to “Browse a photo of a receipt like a table: by row and column, with table headers.” “

AssistiveTouch mode for Apple Watch and eye tracking for iPad

The most impressive new accessibility feature is clearly on the Apple Watch side. The connected watch from Apple has an AssistiveTouch mode allowing you to use it without having to touch its screen. The Apple Watch even takes advantage of its various sensors and a good dose of AI to recognize the movements of your tendons, which will allow it to interpret the gestures of your hand.

Thus, it will be possible to navigate within the interface of the watch by shaking the hand, pinching the fingers or tilting the wrist. Although this function is primarily intended for people with a disability, it could very well find its place in everyone in certain situations.

On the iPad side, Apple announces support for eye-tracking medical devices to navigate the tablet interface with the eyes.

In addition to these features, Apple is planning a number of accessibility initiatives, such as the launch of SignTime, sign language customer service, support for two-way hearing aids, and new routines for the Shortcuts app for people with disabilities, to facilitate their experience with Apple products using Siri.

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