Divinity Original Sin 2 is finally available on iPad, but not on iPhone

A few years after its release on other media, Divinity Original Sin 2 landed exclusively on iPad for the mobile version.

Larian Studios just announced the availability of the RPG Divinity Original Sin 2 on iPad and iPad Pro. After the success of the first title, Larian Studio worked hard to repeat the experience with the sequel, which scored 95 on Metacritic. As a reminder, the game has already been critically acclaimed many times since its release on other platforms in 2017. By carrying the title on iOS, the goal was to offer an experience that approaches or surpasses that of RPGs on PC. and consoles in order to resemble a game AAA mobile.

The developers have chosen to work on a title exclusive to theiPad and in order to offer optimal quality in terms of performance and graphics. The idea was not to have to compromise to provide a game that lived up to the expectations of fans of the first game. The studio clarified that “ decided early on to target hardware up to the ambitions of the Divinity: Original Sin 2 experience, and it is for this reason that DOS2 will operate with graphics settings set to “maximum” on iPad Pro (2018) and on the following models. On the 2021 iPad Pro (M1), the game will run at 60 FPS ».

As the title is also available on PC and Mac, it is possible for iPad players to play cross-play with these platforms, and to use cross-save to resume playing on a Mac. However, cross-play is not available with consoles, namely Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. In addition, the game supports Bluetooth controllers, as well as the split screen for multiple play on a single iPad.

Divinity Original Sin 2 is available for download since May 18 at a price of 27,99€. Note that the game does not offer micro-transactions and that it offers around a hundred hours of play.

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