eufy Security – security problem affected 712 users worldwide

After there was an unpleasant incident with some users of eufy cameras in the past few days, the manufacturer is continuing to take action.

eufy is updating its network architecture

Dived last Monday Messages by some users who could suddenly see the surveillance cameras of strangers in their eufy security app account. On the same day, eufy reported that the error arose during an internal software update and only affected users from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, New Zealand, Australia and Argentina. Overall, the problem was resolved in under two hours and is said to have affected 712 users worldwide.

Even if the problem has already been resolved, eufy recommends users from the affected countries to briefly disconnect their HomeBase from the power and also to log out of the app and log in again. To prevent such an error from occurring in the future, eufy has taken the following steps:

  1. We are updating our network architecture and strengthening our two-way authentication mechanism between the servers, devices and the eufy Security App.
  2. We are upgrading our servers to improve their processing capacity and thus eliminate potential risks.
  3. We are also in the process of obtaining TÜV and BSI certifications for the Privacy Information Management System (PIMS), which will further improve our product security.

As I said, customers in Germany were not affected by the incident. Anyone who still has questions to eufy can contact “”Contact the support team.

If you want to exchange ideas on the topic, have a look at our “Smart surveillance cameras group”On Facebook. There you will find a huge community with whom you can exchange ideas on the topic!

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