Firefox has a new feature for safe browsing


Mozilla is rolling out a new feature in Firefox that will protect users from attacks launched by malicious websites.

This new security mechanism can offer additional security to users in their web browsing thanks to the dynamics that it implements with each website.

Firefox has a new function that guarantees safe browsing

Mozilla is implementing the Site Isolation feature that can protect users from attacks like Meltdown and Specter, thanks to its security mechanism:

Site Isolation is based on a new security architecture that extends current protection mechanisms by separating the content (web) and loading each site in its own operating system process. […] With the Site Isolation architecture in place, we can provide additional security hardening to Firefox to keep you and your data safe.

That is, when it detects that the websites that open in the browser are different, a kind of bubble will be created to isolate the content of each of them in separate processes. In this way, if the user comes across a malicious site, it will not be able to access content outside its “bubble” and steal user data that corresponds to processes on other websites.

An extra security measure that ensures that confidential user data, shared only on certain websites, will be kept safe while browsing the web. And of course, it will also contribute to browser performance and user experience, as websites will load faster thanks to this mechanism.

This feature has been in testing for months, but now Mozilla is extending it to some of the browser versions. It is not enabled by default, so users will have to follow the steps detailed by Mozilla in this link.

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