Google tries to know how inclusive the web could become with this experiment

Google has just presented its new experiment through which try to learn about the way you can adapt the existing narrative, available through the news, books and other types of content, to the particularities of people with different visual disabilities, seeking that they can receive “an experience as comfortable, rich and creative as any other reader.”

Is about Auditorial, in which, together with Google, the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and the publication The Guardian also participate, seeking to answer the question of how much more accessible the world’s information could be simply by adapting each website to the sensory needs and preferences of each, trying to know how inclusive the web could become.

From experience to tips and tricks for a more inclusive web

In this sense, Auditorial offers the story called “The Silent Spring”, in which each user must initially set a series of parameters before playing it, for which it also recommends that they use headphones for a better listening experience.

Google is based on A study which highlights that the vast majority of websites do not meet the standards of accessibility on your home pages, and those who do, focus on the use of assistive technologies, being far from being a perfect experience, like the one they propose in their experiment, in which a human narration (by voice) is offered focused on these types of people.

According Google:

if you are blind and have sensitive hearing, for example, you can listen to the story but remove the background noise so you can focus on the narrator. If you have photophobia, sensitivity to light, you can change the story to dark mode and all animations take on a darker form. If you have motion sensitivity, you can flip a switch that turns all motion pictures into keyframes. If you have blurred color vision, you can enhance all images.

Google hopes it can learn enough to help publishers of all sizes to make their narrative content as accessible as possible with simple tips and tricks, so that they can also reach blind or visually impaired people.

For Google:

our hope is that more people than ever will be able to discover the stories that make us laugh, help us learn, and open our minds.

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