GTA V lands on next-gen consoles on November 11

To the delight of fans, GTA 5 finally has a release date on next-gen consoles, even if it is relatively distant.

From the entire GTA franchise, GTA V is one of the favorite games of gamers alongside GTA San Andreas. After a more than successful port on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, as well as on the PC a few years ago, the game now intends to conquer the hearts of players on the latest generation consoles. GTA V will therefore land on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 from November 11, something to delight fans of the franchise.

If you own one of these consoles and you are not familiar with the franchise, this will be a good time to dive into it since the game will undergo some improvements in order to be optimized. For the moment, we still do not know what nature these improvements will be, although we can suspect that there will be some tweaks regarding the visual quality, and the performance optimization of the title.

News from GTA III and GTA VI

On the same day, a standalone version of GTA Online will also be available, still on next-gen consoles. Bonuses for all players on PlayStation will be planned and this version will also be offered to subscribers Playstation plus on PS5 for the first three months after release. In addition, Rockstar teased the arrival of bonuses in connection with the 20th birthday of GTA III, but we do not yet know what it is.

In parallel, Rockstar gives very little news of the next GTA opus, namely GTA VI. While rumors claimed that an announcement regarding the game would not arrive until the port of GTA V on next-gen consoles, this leaves little chance for Rockstar to reveal anything about GTA VI in 2021. Of course, this is all speculation, and we’ll have to wait for news from the studio to find out more.

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