Inexpensive titanium link bracelet for the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is one of the most popular smartwatches. In addition to different case colors, you can also choose from various bracelets. Unfortunately, you often have to dig deep into your pocket for original Apple accessories. The manufacturer Nomad offers cheaper alternatives and now has an optimized link bracelet made of titanium in its product range.

Inexpensive link bracelet for the Apple Watch

The manufacturer Nomad offers a number of accessories for the Apple Watch. While experience has shown that you have to spend a lot of money at Apple to get your Smartwatch accordingly to equip his desires, Nomad offers some alternatives at a low price. Now there is also an optimized link bracelet in 2 different designs. If you buy one directly from Apple, you have to spend between € 350-450.

You can choose between stainless steel and titanium and a light or dark color option. Compared to earlier models, the bracelet now has a grease-repellent layer that protects against fingerprints and should let the band shine for longer. In addition, the size of the locking system has been adjusted and is now significantly smaller than its predecessor.

If you want such a bracelet, you have to budget between 110-200 €, depending on the material, which is quite affordable compared to Apple.

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