Jupiter’s Legacy: Josh Duhamel never imagined playing a superhero

If this is a goal to achieve for some actors, Josh Duhamel had never imagined one day playing a superhero. The Utopian interpreter confides in his relationship with comics and the Jupiter’s Legacy series. Interview.

This is a big first for Josh Duhamel. After playing a security guard in Las Vegas and a soldier in Transformers, the American actor slips into the shoes of the Utopian for Jupiter’s Legacy. However, it was far from obvious. While many Hollywood stars have made a foray into Marvel and DC, Josh Duhamel has never aspired to play a superhero. “I am not a big fan, I like it but it is especially my son who adores it. It was never something I dreamed of doing. I thought my time was up, luckily this old fellow arrived and he was a perfect fit for me. ” It must be said that contrary to what the house of ideas or even DC offers, in Jupiter’s Legacy the emphasis is not on action. The story is primarily concerned with the bonds between the members of this dysfunctional family. It is this aspect that convinced Josh Duhamel to join the adventure. “I love the scenes with my daughter, trying to convince her to go to the funeral. I prefer the times when I’m at the shrink, where I talk about my difficulties bonding with my 20-year-old daughter. ”

Becoming a superhero is also putting on a costume and on this point Josh Duhamel more than enjoyed the trip:

“It’s pretty stimulating, I’m not going to hide it. Putting on that beard, those muscles, that wig and the cape is an interesting social experience. You come on set as Josh, and then you come into Utopian and people cringe. It’s a pretty cool feeling. ”

If the costume is not really something he envies his character, Josh Duhamel on the other hand would like to borrow some of his extraordinary abilities. “I would love to fly, I live in Los Angeles and that way I could avoid the traffic. After this interview I could fly to my cabin and see if the lake is still frozen ”. With the current situation, we can only understand it.

Josh Duhamel plays Sheldon Sampson in Jupiter’s Legacy

“I enjoyed playing this guy more in the 1930s”

The series also explores the past of the character of Utopian. In the 1930s, these heroes in the making decided to follow the visions of Sheldon Sampson. This exploration of the origins of superheroes is undoubtedly what the actor preferred. He says : “I finally took more pleasure in playing this guy in the 1930s. I love the origin story of this series, I loved playing him when he loses his ass, when he sees his father in visions. It was very interesting to follow this spiral of hell, after the suicide of his father, and to explore the consequences. ”

To discover Josh Duhamel in Jupiter’s Legacy, It’s certain Netflix that it happens. The comic book adaptation of Mark Millar has been available since May 7 on the platform. In the cast, we therefore find Josh Duhamel in the skin of Sheldon Sampson, Matt Lanter in that of George Hutchence and Ben Daniel in Walter / Braiwave. The production and writing of the screenplay were entrusted to Steven S. DeKnight, to whom we already owed the excellent series. Daredevil. Our review can be found here.

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