LinksUp, to create a page where you can sell your services

Creating a website and selling your services is much faster today than before. Weeks ago we talked about mfluencer, and a little later we talked about monaToday we continue with options of this type and we will talk about a very simple solution, that of LinksUp.

Available in allows the use of templates to save time with the design, being possible to integrate immediately with Stripe to receive payments. LinksUp charges a commission of 3.5% of the payment made (Stripe also has its own commission), but we can use it for free, without paying a subscription of any kind.

They want to attract the attention of freelancers and entrepreneurs, so they can create a professional page in 5 minutes.

Once created we can create the services we offer, obtain reservations and receive payments. Here are the features:

– Ready-to-use templates
– Possibility of inserting links and videos (YouTube or Vimeo)
– Multiple types of services: sell your time, events, digital products
– Gestion of reservs
– Native calendar to reserve
– Built-in email messaging solution
– Control panel and KPI analysis
– Wide range of payment methods: American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay, Google Pay and SEPA Bank Transfer.

Now they are working on integrating with platforms such as Zoom or Google Meets, as well as synchronizing with the Google calendar.

Logically it cannot be compared to a personalized solution that we can adapt exactly to our needs, but it is a tremendously useful option to start making money selling services without having to invest anything initially, something that many entrepreneurs need at the moment.

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