Office on Android now supports audio transcription

In recent days, some users of the Microsoft Office application on Android have benefited from an interesting novelty: the ability to record and transcribe voice sequences.

Good news for users d’Office for Android. In recent days, the mobile application has offered a particularly practical new feature. Via update 16.0.14026.20172, it is now possible to record your voice, as well as that of your interlocutor in order to obtain a textual transcription. More than a simple voice dictation tool, Office recording allows you to convert the report of a course, a discussion or an interview into text, for example. The application is notably capable of recognizing several voices, and of separating the speech of the different interlocutors.

Reserved for beta

To access this new feature from the Microsoft Office application for Android, all you have to do is select the + icon at the bottom of the screen, then click on the microphone tool. In addition to playing the role of a voice recorder, the latter will automatically take care of transcribing your words. Note that for the moment, only users of the beta version of Office have access to the option. For others, a little patience, the tool should quickly be deployed.

An all-in-one application

If the Office office suite is a must on PC, its version mobile is full of interesting features, such as the ability to synchronize all of your Word, PowerPoint or Excel documents in a single application. Recently, users have also been able to discover the Lens function, which makes it possible to scan documents by extracting text, or by transforming tables into Excel workbooks for example. The application also offers automatic PDF signature, as well as the conversion of PDF and JPG documents.

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