Philips is launching a mini version of its disinfection box

At the beginning of March, Philips has its Disinfection box for just under € 200 brought on the market. The company is now expanding its disinfection portfolio with the mini version for small everyday objects.

Philips disinfection box in the mini version for small everyday objects

The small model, like the large disinfection box, is equipped with UV-C lamps and can render viruses, bacteria, mold and spores harmless. It takes eight minutes to clean small everyday objects such as keys, smartphones, money or watches.

The box is 24 cm long and 7 cm high and can be stowed away easily due to its small size or even taken with you when traveling. It has a USB-C connection and can also be operated using a power bank.

We use everyday objects such as smartphones or wallets every day. We touch them constantly, so that a large number of germs quickly collects on them. With the new mini disinfection box, we give people the opportunity to thoroughly disinfect these items in order to inactivate viruses and bacteria quickly and easily

explains Gerwin van der Horst, Commercial Leader Consumer DACH.

If you want to disinfect your items, you put them in the box, close it and start the cleaning process by pressing a button. A double row of UV-C LED lamps irradiate the objects from all sides and clean them completely. If you open the lid during the cleaning process, the disinfection box is automatically switched off by the built-in motion sensors, thus preventing damage to people and animals from the UV rays.

The Philips UV-C mini disinfection box is now available for € 55.

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