Promotions on mobility at Xiaomi, the Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike in sharp fall!

With the return of sunny days Xiaomi is offering many discounts on its electric scooters and electric bikes from May 19 to June 27!

Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike : € 779.99 instead of € 999.99

Xiaomi launched the Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike in France a year ago. This is a rather original electric bike, which has a TMM4 torque sensor capable of monitoring in real time the force exerted on the pedals in order to offer different levels of driving assistance. It features a 250W brushless motor, an integrated 3-speed Shimano system, as well as a large 18,650 Li-ion battery capable of providing a range of 45 km on a single charge.

Xiaomi Bike

Finally, and this is undoubtedly the point that will interest city bike enthusiasts the most: the Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike is indeed foldable, in addition to being super light for a product of this kind with only 14, 5 kg on the scale. The Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike is available today in promotion and eligible for the electric bike premium of up to 500 euros.

Take advantage of the offer at FNAC

Take advantage of the offer at Boulanger

For the purchase of a bicycle (VAE), assistance is available!

The Ile de France Mobilités transport management company, offers financial assistance linked to the purchase of a new electrically assisted bicycle and even safety accessories such as a helmet or an anti-theft device if these are present on the same invoice as the bicycle. This aid is 500 € within the limit of 50% maximum of the purchase price of the VAE and accessories. For the past few weeks, Île-de-France Mobilités has also subsidized the purchase of classic or electric cargo bikes up to the respective limit of € 500 and € 600. There is also municipal or inter-municipal aid.

In the provinces, local communities are also making a contribution. Let us quote for example the department of Bouches-du-Rhône which proposes a help of 400 € within the limit of 25% of the price of the bicycle. Do your research well, because it is quite possible that you could benefit from such a financial incentive.

You should also know that a new provision has just come into force: the sustainable mobility package. Companies will be able to reimburse a maximum sum of € 400 per year without social charges to their employees using a sustainable means of transport for their home / work trips.

Xiaomi 1S: € 369.99 instead of € 449.99

Relatively recent, this mid-range scooter looks a lot like the famous M365. The designs are very similar, especially in terms of the aluminum chassis which is used here. This therefore means that the build quality remains the same, robust and faithful for a maximum load of 100 kg. However, flexibility is not forgotten, since it is here foldable with a weight of 12.5 kg. It is therefore particularly suitable if you need to take it with you on public transport, for example.

The main differences with its little sisters are here in the engine. The Xiaomi 1S has a motor with a power of 150 W, which can however go up to 500 W in climbs and hills with a maximum slope of 14%. In terms of acceleration, we can here cap at 25 km / h, largely sufficient for urban use.

Xiaomi 1S

The range is pretty decent with 30 km, although this changes depending on the type of terrain you use and the power you use. In any case, the electric scooter can charge in 5 hours. All the information can be found on the small screen which is located on the handlebars of the machine.

Finally, safety is ensured by quality shock absorbers, capable of absorbing small shocks. An anti-lock system on the front wheel and a mechanical disc brake are also present at the rear. More settings are to be discovered with the Mi Home application which can be linked with your electric scooter via Bluetooth.

Take advantage of the offer at FNAC

Take advantage of the offer at Boulanger

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