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After more than three and a half years of hiatus, Twitter begins to relaunch its profile verification service again, bringing with it new eligibility criteria and new policies on which they have been working in recent months.

It was in 2017 when they stopped accepting new verification requests when they observed that the verification service was not working properly, even verifying profiles of users of extremist behavior.

The check of accounts seeks to highlight relevant public profiles that allow transmitting confidence with which the users of the platform can have healthy conversations.

With six different categories in principle

In this sense, Twitter It has been established six categories in total: Government, Companies, brands and organizations, News companies and journalists, Entertainment, Sports and gaming, and Activists, organizers and other influencers.

Each of these categories has its own eligibility criteria, although all these categories have in common that the profiles to be verified must be complete., that is, with name, profile picture, confirmed email address or phone number, in addition to being at least six months old and not having suffered problems in the past with compliance with the behavior rules of the platform.

Verifications will disappear on some accounts

With the relaunch comes the removal of verification badges on accounts that do not meet the new eligibility criteria..

Twitter notes that users will have the request option within the Account Settings tab, which has begun to gradually expand to be completed over the next few weeks.

Once the request is received, users will receive a response in a few days, although there will be cases that may take a few weeks according to the demand for applications that are produced. If yes, they will see the blue check mark on their profiles.

In the event of an error, users will be able to resubmit their requests 30 days after receiving the response.

Short term

From Twitter They are studying adding more categories by the end of the year, seeking that a greater number of accounts can be chosen, taking into account that not everyone will be able to choose to have verified accounts.

In this sense, they are considering adding the categories of scientists, academics, and religious leaders.

On the other hand, Twitter takes advantage of today’s announcement to point out that also will start adding two types of new accounts in the coming months– Automated accounts and memorial accounts, as well as continuing to explore ways to improve user profiles, also considering adding an “About” page.

We will have more information about it soon.

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