The Redmi Note series comes with 200 million

One of Xiaomi’s best value for money mobile series has been launched in a staggering number of copies.


One of Xiaomi’s most successful series was launched in 2014, 7 years ago. At the time, Redmi Notes were called phablets as a cross between the words phone and tablet, as they were significantly taller and especially wider than the average of smartphones at the time, and their display size made them suitable for more serious content consumption and comfortable typing. Since then, the industry has changed a lot, the size of Redmi Notes has absolutely blended into the mobile average, the current price / value champion Redmi Note 10 no longer an extremely sized device at all, in fact.

Last year’s Redmi Note 9 family contributed greatly to this success [+]

The Chinese manufacturer recently announced that a new product will soon arrive in the Redmi Note 10 series, and perhaps more interestingly, the entire Redmi Note series is already in excess of 200 million units shipped. Perhaps even more interesting than that was last year Redmi Note 9series accounts for more than 20% of the 7-year harvest, with 45.2 million worldwide.

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