A progress bar for your profile picture on Twitter

Decorating the profile photo of our social media profiles is a common practice. The most visible example is the use of stickers that demonstrate adherence to certain campaigns or causes.

With the help of a simple free web application, it is now possible to add a timeline as a frame for our Twitter profile photo, which is periodically and automatically updated with the progress of a previously configured goal.

A progress meter as your photo frame on Twitter

The example that appears in the header photo of this article is one of the proposals for use for this tool, presented in such a way on its website.

To use it, just log in with our Twitter account at After providing the corresponding permissions to the application, a configuration panel will appear on the web that will allow us to adjust our timeline based on a goal that may be after reaching a certain number of followers or in relation to the progress of a project or term specific.

For the latter, as explained on the same platform, it is enough to add a couple of figures from Twitter involved in the format (XXX / YYY), including the parentheses, where X represents the percentage of progress and the letter Y, for its part, points to the figure corresponding to the goal. As this information is updated in the profile, the progress bar will be modified.

Communication between the platform that manages these graphic resources and the configured profiles is done through the API of the social network. For this reason, at any time, if you want to do without this tool, you just have to subtract the authorization from the list of connected applications, from the settings of the Twitter account.

Twitter progress bar

To customize the appearance of this progress bar, you can choose color pairs from a palette that contains more than 20 different shades. You can take a preliminary look at the resulting profile photo on the same platform, before finally applying it, checking how it looks in the light mode of the application and in its themes “light night” and “dark night”.

This little app, developed by software engineer Tony Dinh, is offered completely free of charge. Although, as support for the project, a subscription plan is available that allows you to choose custom colors and access other advanced tools, not yet publicized, but which will be added soon according to its creator.

You can test this tool directly on your website.

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