AirPods to gain support for Apple’s quality audio

Apple this week launched a new feature in its Apple Music service ideal for audiophiles. The novelty is the inclusion of HiFi audio, without loss of quality and which will guarantee a more immersive experience and without added costs for the user.

However, this novelty is not yet supported by Apple’s line of headsets and headphones, which can be frustrating for those living in the brand’s ecosystem. An obstacle that, fortunately, will be filled soon.

AirPods will now support HiFi audio, that is, without loss of quality

Jon Prosser is the bearer of the good news that informs us that Apple will now support the new audio format in its AirPods line. Something that will be achieved with the availability of an update for this line of accessories.

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According to what is pointed out by the source, Apple will introduce a new format that will enhance audio support without loss of quality even in streaming format. The new high-fidelity format will be supported by Bluetooth 5.0 technology, used in Cupertino brand accessories.

The novelty should be given next June, in the context of the WWDC conference that Apple holds annually for its programmers. It will, in a simple way, solve an inconvenience that affects your entire AirPods line.

It should be remembered that currently, none of the products in the AirPods line can take real advantage of the new HiFi audio introduced by Apple. None of its accessories supports the codecs necessary to interpret and reproduce this new audio format.

For Apple Music users who want to take advantage of this new format, there is no solution but to resort to products from external brands. For some, this may incur extra costs when purchasing new products outside of the Apple ecosystem.

Audophiles immersed in the Apple ecosystem are advised to be patient. Jon Prosser tends to get his predictions right, so it is likely that next month the new format that will enhance this listening experience will be revealed to everyone who owns a product in the AirPods line.

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