Apple made over $ 100 million from Fortnite

Since 2018 that Fortnite is on the App Store, the game would have brought its weight in gold to Apple, although this is only an estimate.

Epic Games and Apple continue to wage their legal war this week, giving us exclusive behind-the-scenes access to both companies. This week we learned that Apple, via its 30% commission heavily criticized by Epic Games, has made more than $ 100 million with Fortnite. This information comes to us from the business manager of the gaming section of the App Store, Michael Schmid. Called to the bar during the trial, he unveiled this figure, specifying that it was a summary estimate and explaining that communicating the exact amount would be ” inappropriate ».

An estimate on the fly

This sows doubt with economic experts. Indeed, if we compare with the figures given by Sensor Tower last year, then Fortnite players on iOS would have spent a total of $ 1.2 billion. If we calculate the 30% commission on this amount, then we arrive at a profit of about $ 354 million, far exceeding Michael Schmid’s estimate. He also explained that Apple had spent around $ 1 million in Marketing for Fortnite during its last eleven months on the App Store.

This week being the last of the trial between Apple and Epic Games, it may be rich in twists and other revelations. Tim Cook, Apple’s current CEO, is expected to take the stand on Friday as a final witness for the company. After that, the judge will have to render her verdict and we will know who from Epic Games or Apple will have won the case and what the consequences will be. In the meantime, we invite you to read our guides on highlights of the premiere and the second week of the trial.

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