Gateway update to version 1.14.24 is coming soon

IKEA is bringing out a new update for its Tradfri Gateway. With the update, some small improvements are being made for new customers. There is also now support for music in timers.

IKEA Tradfri Gateway update to version 1.14.24

All users of the IKEA smart home system should receive a gateway update in the near future. The update in the new version 1.14.24 provides new customers with a better overview when integrating the voice assistants Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Existing customers will benefit from the support for Music in Timern.

FYRTUR and KADRILJ roller blinds also receive an update (V-2.3.073) and thus support for the secure OTA upgrade. This update fixes the problem that the state of the blinds in the app was not updated when the blind’s battery was removed and reinserted.

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