Good VPN deal: an exclusive € 2 formula at CyberGhost

If you’re looking for the right VPN plan right now, it’s here: CyberGhost drops its price by 83%.

You may not know it, but you are exposing yourself to multiple risks while browsing the net. Your passwords, bank details, but also your identity and your precise location are easily identifiable for those who know how to find them.

So, to prevent this information from falling into the wrong hands, you can trust VPNs. These programs encrypt your browsing data and hide your IP address, but they also offer you other very interesting services.

Among the best current VPNs, we find CyberGhost provider, currently reduced to -83% with three months free as a supplement.

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Why you should go for CyberGhost VPN

As we said earlier, CyberGhost is among the most qualitative VPNs available today. The latter allows you to benefit from an encryption of your data according to an advanced standard, and a camouflage of your IP address without any DNS leak. Your security is therefore fully guaranteed by this software.

But CyberGhost goes further. This VPN allows you to unblock foreign Netflix catalogs, thanks to more than 6,900 servers located in almost 90 countries around the globe. Likewise, this VPN allows you to browse anonymously, so that our online activity is not known to anyone.

This can for example be very interesting in the field of torrenting. CyberGhost will also be an ally in this practice, thanks to a good connection speed and optimal support for P2P traffic.

So that you are not limited in your use, CyberGhost allows you up to 7 simultaneous connections, all media combined (computer, tablet, smartphone). Finally, be aware that CyberGhost provides all its users with customer support available 24/7, which is very appreciable.

As you can imagine, this quality of service comes at a price. But right now, CyberGhost is doing you a favor.

CyberGhost gives you an immediate 83% discount

CyberGhost being a high quality VPN, the promotion it is offering you at the moment is therefore really interesting. The latter passes the monthly VPN price of € 2 instead of € 11.99, which you will agree is pretty huge.

This discount applies to the three-year subscription available at CyberGhost, on which the VPN adds three months of additional protection. Thus, 39 months of protection await you, for a total cost of only 78 €.

At the usual price, this subscription period would cost you 390 € more, so it is a colossal saving that you will be able to achieve. But don’t worry, you will be able to test the tool without taking any risks, because CyberGhost offers you a money back guarantee.

The latter runs for a period of 45 days, which will give you plenty of time to return and get your money back if you ever don’t want to continue with this VPN. You can therefore subscribe to this CyberGhost offer serenely.

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