How to use the search tool in WhatsApp from an Android mobile

Searching for messages, contacts, GIFs and files in WhatsApp chats can be a headache if we don’t know how to optimize the options to find what we want faster.

Luckily, the Facebook proprietary application has added this tool so that we can use it easily. This is how it works from an Android mobile.

The steps to search for content on WhatsApp

– And a WhatsApp.
– Click on the magnifying glass icon located in the upper right part of the app.
– Enter the word or words related to the type of content you are looking for.

Search WhatsApp

By doing the above, the WhatsApp search engine will take care of verifying the conversations, contacts, documents, links or other files in the chats you have and will show you what it has found. In the example, the keyword is football and you can see the search engine result.

Keywords, the most effective method to find what you are looking for on WhatsApp

Now, knowing how to search for files within the instant messaging app, it is best to filter the result in any of the available options: photos, videos, links, GIF, audio and documents. Thanks to this,

Although it is almost unlikely that you will be able to search by file names (for example, photo file names), what you can do is use the filter to find a contact and through it check the photos sent quickly.

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