Image material is also available for bendable and smooth Pixels

More serious form changes can come from Google stuck in the design line, and they have an astonishing idea to hide the self-timer camera.


It will be again this year Pixel mobile family, but what’s perhaps even more interesting is the news that Google is making an entry into the genre of foldable screen phones, so let’s start with the related news. The device in question is in the Android 12 beta code GPQ72 codenamed and Passport is already at work because it is said that the development will not be confirmed by Google.

A Google prizmás szelfikamerája érdekes concepts mutat
Google’s prism selfie camera shows an interesting concept (source: Letsgodigital)

However, the search giant in the United States has applied for patent protection for a self-contained camera hidden in a screen, and this special solution may appear in the bendable Pixel, speculating GSM Arena. As the a Letsgodigital Google does not actually place the camera behind the screen, but offers a small secondary panel inside the housing (right in the middle image) and a standard selfie lens also rotated 90 degrees (left) and a movable one between the two. a prism would solve the switch so that, from the user’s perspective, either the pixels of the self-camera or the display would appear on the front panel, disguising the trick as a “scam”.

Possible appearance of Pixel 6 Pro
Possible appearance of Pixel 6 Pro (source: Digit) [+]

As for the traditional, (hopefully) inflexible line, now the Pixel 6 Pro images and chemicals are collected in connection with THE Digit It expects a 6.67 “giant screen with curving edges, and the horizontal, unusually prominent, yet symmetrical camera set can offer a periscope zoom camera in addition to normal and ultra-wide lenses.

Possible appearance of Pixel 6 Pro
Possible appearance of Pixel 6 Pro (source: Digit) [+]

Based on images created from CAD files, the Pixel 6 Pro can be 163.9 x 75.8 x 8.9 millimeters (fattened to 11.5 millimeters at the camera portion) and visibly retain the front hole, ergo with this model the source does not count on a prismatic solution . The latter, of course, doesn’t necessarily end up in the end product anytime soon, in any case, it would finally have a place on a design line in a really exciting, bendable Google phone.

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