LEGO unveils its first LGBTQ set

On the occasion of Pride Month, a celebration of different sexual orientations and gender identities, LEGO unveils its first LGBTQ kit. Called “Everyone is Awesome!”, It will be available from next June.

Next June, the world will celebrate different sexual orientations and gender identities during Pride Month. Every year, during the sixth month of the year, many Pride marches are organized across the globe to raise awareness of the LGBTQ community and educate non-affected people. These celebrations also aim to alert people to homophobia and other forms of intolerance towards these communities. In 2021, LEGO will therefore pay tribute to this tradition by unveiling its first LGBTQ kit.

Baptized “Everyone is Awesome”, in reference to the song from the film released in 2014, this set contains no less than 346 pieces with 11 figurines in the colors of the rainbow flag. This new product will be marketed from June, to mark the start of Pride Month. For now, LEGO has not communicated the price of its new product.

Towards more inclusive toys

In a statement, shared by the company, vice president of design Matthew Ashton explains that this new set was designed to represent the company’s desire to offer more inclusivity in these toys. Thus, each of the staged characters does not have a defined genre. He says “Growing up in a world that often tells you that something is wrong with you can cause a person to develop a deep sense of shame, something that we know can have a lasting impact on mental and physical health.”

According to Joe Nellist, of the British LGBT foundation interviewed by CNN, “Having LGBT inclusive toys creates space for families to let LGBT children know they are loved and accepted”. In this sense, the manufacturer Mattel had unveiled brand new dolls with 8 body types, 35 skin colors and 94 new hair types. Thus, the firm had presented a Barbie suffering from vitiligo, a disease that causes depigmentation of the skin, as well as a doll with a prosthesis. Here again, the goal was to represent the world in its difference.

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