Meross HomeKit MSL320 Pro now as a new 5m variant

Meross has been offering a Lightstrip for some time, which is 10m long. It can be found under the name MSL 320. Now there is a new Pro version that is lighter and is sold in 5m length.

Meross HomeKit MSL320 Pro now as a new 5m variant

Meross has released a new version of the HomeKit-enabled Lightstrip MS320. This is now called the MS320 Pro and is sold as a shorter 5m variant. In addition, it is no longer 550 but 1100 lumens. So you have really increased in terms of light output.

The new Lightstrip is currently priced at € 34.99, but is offered with a 15% voucher, which brings you to around € 30. The old version is priced at € 39.09 and is available with a € 3 voucher. But you have to consider that it is only half as bright but twice as long.

You should also know that the Meross Lightstrip cannot match that of Philips or Eve. These have a brightness of 1600 or 1800 lumens and are therefore a whole lot brighter.

Do you have a Lightstrip in use and if so, which one?

Meross brings new HomeKit socket with small form factor

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