Realme Watch 2 Pro has arrived: smartwatch with good screen and battery at a low price!

The OPPO sub-brand, Realme announced its first smart and advanced watch last month. Now, we have a new smartwatch that stands out for its price / quality ratio, large screen, and autonomy for 2 weeks, the Realme Watch 2 Pro.

Similar, in design, to the previous version of this smart watch, the Realme Watch 2 Pro is differentiated by the larger screen, now with 1.75 inches diagonal. The resolution is quite satisfactory, for the format, with 385 x 320 pixels and more predicates.

The new Realme Watch 2 Pro smartwatch has arrived

Realme Watch 2 Pro
The main highlights of the screen present in the Realme Watch 2 Pro watch.

We also see the indication of the refresh rate of the screen at 30 Hz, in addition to the indication of maximum brightness at 600 nits. It is, in fact, a high value for a watch screen and will facilitate its use outdoors, even when the sun directly affects it.

The user will be able to use more than 100 watchfaces, highly customizable digital displays. Among these, we now have the new Master Edition collection signed by the South Korean artist Grafflex with exclusive content for this model.

Realme Watch 2 Pro
Highlighted are the new “Live wallpapers” with animations.

The introduction of new animated wallpapers for the Realme Watch 2 Pro screen is also pointed out. They are the “Live Wallpapers” and bring greater dynamism to the screen of the Realme smart watch, in addition to reinforcing its personalization.

This option is available in the Realme Watch 2 Pro settings, and can be controlled and personalized also through the smartphone with which the watch is paired.

The battery can reach 14 days, two weeks of autonomy!

Realme Watch 2 Pro
Autonomy is enhanced in Realme’s new smart watch.

We also point out as positive the reinforcement of the battery life in this smart watch. We are facing an energy cell with 390 mAh of capacity that, according to the manufacturer, will deliver up to 14 days of autonomy, on average.

Remember, on the other hand, that the Realme Watch 2 has a battery of 315 mAh of capacity that gives it autonomy for 12 days. In the new model, however, the increase is already considerable, delivering two more days of normal use.

The smartwatch has GPS location

Realme Watch 2 Pro
GPS location and more accurate route mapping on the new smartwatch.

Being one of the most appreciated attributes in smart watches and sports smartwatches, the Realme Watch 2 Pro has GPS location of two satellites. In this way, you can follow the routes taken without using the smartphone.

This is another of the differentiating points between the Pro version and the conventional version. While the latter lacks the connection to the smartphone to track and record the user’s route, the former is autonomous in this important aspect.

It is a complete watch with essential sensors

Realme Watch 2 Pro

Realme Watch 2 Pro has the other sensors commonly present in this type of products. In fact, here we have the heart rate sensor, sleep monitoring and quality recording, in addition to sedentary alerts.

We also have the measurement of dissolved oxygen levels in the blood (oximetry), stress indicators and breathing aids, or up to 90 supported modalities. These, however, will arrive in the future with a firmware update via OTA.

So far, as soon as they take the Realme Watch 2 Pro out of the box, they will have support for 16 modes on the watch.

Multimedia control and reply to WhatsApp messages

Realme Watch 2 Pro

The clock software also allows you to control the multimedia playback on your smartphone. In addition, it also allows you to view and reply to WhatsApp messages and SMS’s received on the phone. Likewise, you can also accept or reject incoming calls.

On the clock we also find weather forecasts, IP68 certification, control of IoT devices, as well as several alerts and presentation of the main notifications. Watch 2 Pro cannot answer calls without a microphone or speaker.

Realme Watch 2 Pro

The new Realme smartwatch is available in Space Gray (dark gray) and Metallic Silver (silver). The box also includes silicone bracelets, in black or light gray, adapting to the two color schemes.

The price of Realme Watch 2 Pro is equivalent to 60 €, or $ 70 and will hit Southeast Asian markets on May 29th. So far we have no information about its availability in Europe.

This Product was announced today by the Malaysian branch from Realme.

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