Spotify launches podcasts dedicated to League of Legends

Another window on the professional world of League of Legends, as well as on its competitive players.

The podcasts, more and more in vogue at the moment, have the facility to be versatile and to deal with all subjects. Spotify This is proof of this, since the platform is currently preparing a series of podcasts dealing with current events in the world of e-sport. However, these podcasts are not going to be about just any game, since they are going to be centered around the famous League of Legends, one of the benchmarks in terms of professional competition.

The show is titled ” Rift Reaction », There will be 40 episodes, and they will be released on a weekly basis. Every Friday, you will therefore have the pleasure of discovering the latest news in the company of journalist Travis Gafford and analyst Emily Rand. The good news is that the first episode is out now and you can check out the sequel every Wednesday starting next week.

Riot Games invests in League of Legends-stamped productions

This series of podcasts is one of the steps coming to concretize the partnership of several years between Spotify and Riot Games which was recorded last August. On this occasion, you can also find on Spotify a playlist of music inspired by League of Legends, as well as another series of podcasts covering the world championship held last year.

In parallel, League of Legends will also be entitled to a animated series, which is supposed to come out on Netflix starting this fall. It will be called Arcane and will take over the universe of the Piltover and Zaun regions. If the game League of Legends is already among the most popular among PC gamers, Riot Games intends to expand its empire with these multiple productions that put the game back in the spotlight, nearly twelve years after its initial release.

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