This will be the EU Covid Digital Certificate, which will enter into force on July 1

At this stage of the pandemic, all or almost all of us are already looking forward to a return to normalcy, to recover those customs that we lost with the entry of the pandemic. And while vaccination is progressing at a good pace, where in some points there is already talk of vaccinating minors between the ages of 12 and 16 before going back to school, European governments and the European Commission have been working hard for months to bring a system that allows speeding up the return from mobility within the European Union.

To this end, they have been developing the so-called EU Covid Digital Certificate, and that today has just been officially presented in Madrid as part of the celebration of the International Tourism Fair.

Trying to save mobility for the summer

It is certificate, what It will be optional and it is basically a QR code available in printed or digital format, will prevent all those who want to move in the European Union, from having to provide a negative PCR, perform quarantines, among other procedures.

To do this, they will only have to present them to the enabled QR code readers when traveling by the places of the European Union.

The certificate will indicate if you have already been vaccinated, including the place, date and vaccine used, if you have a negative PCR, or even if the disease has already been overcome during the previous six months, in addition to including personal data minima.

It will finally come into force on July 1, and in the case of Spain, it will be issued by the respective autonomous communities and the Ministry of Health free of charge, with valid throughout the European Union.

Of course, its mere existence does not really guarantee mobility throughout the European territory, since The possibility of establishing restrictions on mobility will also depend on each member country and its epidemiological situation., for which they will be obliged to notify the rest of the member countries 48 hours in advance before its entry into force.

In addition, each member country may also establish who of those who have the certificates will be imposed the restrictions, and who will not, and even have the Power not to recognize as vaccinated all those who have received doses of vaccines that are not approved by the European Union.

Ultimately, it is about recovering not only mobility throughout the European Union but also facilitating the arrival of tourism, a sector that has been quite affected throughout the entire pandemic.

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