TikTok allows you to block accounts and delete comments in bulk


TikTok is adding new tools to combat harassment and spam on the platform.

These will make it easier for users to moderate the interaction on their posts and block annoying users.

New options on TikTok to stop bullying

Yes OK TikTok It already has options that allow reporting different situations on the platform, this update gives more control to users to moderate the interaction that occurs in their content in a simpler way.

Instead of deleting each spam or harassment comment they find on your posts one by one, users will be able to delete comments en masse. So this change speeds up the process a bit more, since it allows you to select up to 100 comments to delete them simultaneously. The dynamics is simple, just press and hold the comment (or touch the pencil icon) and it will be chosen until you finish selecting all the comments to delete.

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And on the other hand, the same system will begin to be applied with the blocking of user accounts. Users will be able to block accounts in bulk by following the same steps we mentioned for the comments. So these new options will allow users to clean all offensive comments from their posts faster, and remove trolls from their profile and future interactions.

These features will begin rolling out from today, but only to select markets, such as Spain. And in the coming weeks it will begin to be extended to all users to complement the rest of the options created to eliminate harassment on the platform.

For example, one of the last options presents a notification when it detects that the user is about to post an offensive comment. This notification encourages the user to reconsider the comment and edit it before publishing it on the platform.

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