Twitter will launch the preview of paid Spaces shortly

Just on the same day that Clubhouse made its mobile application available for Android devices globally, we also know that Twitter will start shortly with the preview of paid Spaces sessions, where over the next few weeks, a small group of users from the United States will be able to start creating them, although any user from anywhere in the world will be able to join them.

To do this, Twitter plans to open in a few days the opening for the receipt of requests by interested users, although they must meet a series of requirements to be elected at this opening of the paid Spaces sessions.

Seriously competing against Clubhouse on their own turf

In this sense, in addition to being in the United States, They must have at least 1,000 followers, have created three Spaces sessions in the past 30 days, and be at least 18 years old to host paid Spaces sessions.

At this point, also keep in mind that Twitter has partnered with Stripe as a payment processing partner, so hosts must also have a user account in this service, which for those who do not know it, is a rival electronic payment platform to Paypal.

Regarding income, Twitter will keep 20% of the income while the hosts will keep the remaining 80%, once the 30% corresponding to the application stores has been paid, Google for Android, and Apple for iOS.

It should also be noted that Twitter will bear the cost of the fees for transactions with Stripe, as announced by the platform itself today.

Without a doubt, it is an interesting dynamic that will open the doors for users to start earning money through Twitter, so, as you recall in The Verge, the arrival of Super Follows is also expected, with which users will be able to create exclusive content for subscribers.

And in matters of subscription, we recently learned that Twitter is also working on Twitter Blue as a new subscription service to offer additional features to subscribers.

Without a doubt, Twitter has become very ambitious with which it will mark differences with respect to the rest of social networks, so it will be interesting to follow the evolution of this platform.

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