Artificial intelligence turns Spice Girls hit song into Nine Inch Nails song

Will artificial intelligence soon replace human artists? After taking an interest in poetry or news, an AI took a look at the song, turning a Spice Girls hit into a Nine Inch Nails worthy track!

“Wannabe”, the tangy pop hit of the Spice Girls, is also a dark song that Nine Inch Nails would not have denied. Admittedly, listening to the original title, it is really not obvious! But with a little artificial intelligence, you can make your ears believe whatever you want.

The pop song becomes an undeserved title

JohnDopamine5 played the girls band song in the OpenAI Jukebox reel. In the video below, he shares the result which is astonishing to say the least. After the 15 seconds of extract of “Wannabe”, the listener will discover a piece willingly undue which he could take for a title of the group of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

A listening ear will still manage to hear small dissonances, but overall the result is convincing. OpenAI Jukebox, at the origin of this unexpected cover, is a neural network whose specialty is to take a song of a particular genre and transform it into a song of another genre. A track by Franck Sinatra will thus become a Metal anthem, for example!

Amateurs will find on SoundCloud a selection of songs edited by OpenAI Jukebox. The team behind this amazing tool explains that their artificial intelligence relies on raw MIDI data from songs to transform them in radically different ways.

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