European Parliament calls for more efficiency in the abolition of pirate sports streaming

The European Parliament wants to force access providers and hosting platforms to remove pirate streaming from almost real-time sports broadcasts.

For sports competition broadcasters, but also teams and athletes, this is a problem that threatens their profitability and for some, their very existence. Pirate streams that make it possible to enjoy these broadcasts without paying anything abound, and the trend continues to increase as new platforms appear in the landscape, each with their own subscription.

Economic equilibrium

For a sports fan, it is more and more difficult to multiply subscriptions, and therefore more and more easy to succumb to pirated streaming links. The European Parliament is not going to make it easy for them. The deputies voted widely in favor of a report requiring hosts and access providers to remove illegal content within 30 minutes of the report by the beneficiary.

Timing is of the utmost importance to the broadcaster: there is no point in having the pirate streaming link removed two or three hours after the live broadcast, the match is long over … The vote in Parliament is however as a step in the legislative process of the text, which is now in the hands of the European Commission.

Parliament hopes that the Commission will take up the bill: “ Hacking live sporting event content is a major challenge for organizers », Explains rapporteur Angel Dzhambazki. MEPs are also asking for guarantees for ” avoid arbitrary or excessive blocking of legal content “, As well as a more effective promotion of legal sports content offers:” Responsibility for illegal broadcasts should lie with sports streaming providers, not fans or consumers », They note. A stone in the garden of diffusers.

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