First images of Mars for the Zhurong robot

It was with great discretion that China managed to land a robot on the surface of Mars a few days ago. Zhurong posted several pictures of his surroundings.

Mars is definitely very popular lately! After NASA’s Perseverance robot, which landed in February, the Red Planet hosted this May 14 a newcomer, Chinese this time, Zhurong. The Chinese space agency (CNSA) clarified that after ” seven minutes of terror “For the Tianwen-1 lander and the rover Zhurong, the docking had been successful.

Geology and climate

Zhurong began exploring Utopia Panitia, an area in the northern hemisphere of Mars, for at least three months. The CNSA shared new images of the robot’s environment, which confirm the deployment of four solar panels as well as its communication antenna.

Credit: CNSA

Good news therefore for this mission, which establishes the status of China as a space nation. The country had already tried in 2011 to land a robot on Mars, but the attempt was unsuccessful. Tianwen-1 was launched from the Wenchang site in Hainan province on July 23. Zhurong must focus its efforts on the geology and climate of the Red Planet.

And China is not done with space exploration. On the Moon, Yutu 2 came out of its hibernation phase in which it had been immersed since last April. The robot, which alluni on the far side of our satellite, took advantage of a good nap just before sunset. Yutu 2 has already covered 700 meters since January 2019.

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