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When we talk about Email Marketing we enter a world in which there are many myths, many incorrect actions of so-called professionals who confuse creating an email marketing campaign with sending 50,000 emails at a time to a lot of strangers.

From issues such as “buying email lists” to issues related to customizing the subject or content of each message, there are many lessons we can take to better understand this way of promoting products and services or communicating news using email.

This is where it comes in “One minute email marketing”, A page created by Acrelia News in, where we can consult several short videos that explain the secrets of this sector.

They just started season 2 precisely with the theme of “Why we should not buy email lists”, And we already have the second chapter, of the same season, dedicated to the AMP technology in the email.

It is a subject of extreme importance, since although AMP was originally designed to offer fast web pages for mobile phones, today it can also be applied in emails to create interactive messages. This new way of sending content prevents the subscriber from leaving the email to perform a specific action, such as confirming attendance at events or filling in forms, for example.
It is true that AMP for email is in its initial phase, but from Acrelia News they are committed to keeping us up to date with the subject so as not to be left behind in something that can revolutionize the way we use email clients.

In the first season they left us with 11 videos, 11 minutes that we can also listen to on Spotify, Youtube, ivoox y Apple Podcast.

But if what you like is TikTok, no problem, because they already have their channel where they will publish this type of content to bring this knowledge to all generations.

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