How to keep track of subscription and service expenses with a free app

Keeping track of well-known subscriptions like Netflix and Spotify is usually a very easy task. However, things get complicated when you add other memberships and see that each month the money destined to pay for these plans continues to increase.

So, if you want to keep a detailed record of the subscriptions you pay for entertainment or work, you should try this free app for both iOS and Android.

Billbot, the app that will help you manage all the subscriptions you have

Whether you have a membership purchased in an app for music, movies and series, content editing, games and any other service, Billbot can become your right hand man by letting you enter information about recurring expenses that you have month to month.

Billbot app

With over 200 popular subscriptions and the ability to add a custom membership, this tool is easy to use for managing such data.

For example, you can start by creating the name of the subscription you have, the category and the monthly amount necessary to access it. Then, having the list with all the payments created, you will see the amount of money you spend monthly and annually to pay them all.

Billbot captures B

In addition to the above, it offers the possibility of creating profiles, either for personal, family or corporate payment plans. Even if you have a payment in foreign currency, you can convert the currencies to unify them in a single amount so as not to get confused.

Another interesting fact that is worth mentioning is that she will be in charge of notifying when a service is about to expire, either in case you want to cancel the subscription or continue with it.

As you can see, the tool fulfills what it promises perfectly and is free from the App Store and Google Play through the following links:

Billbot: link de App Store

Billbot: link de Google Play

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