Internet box: stop the costs and change to fiber at 10 euros

Are you tired of paying (much) too much for your internet box? We understand. And here is a special offer for this Pentecost weekend that will blow your mind.

Changing internet boxes is not an easy step, at least that’s what customers think. In reality, this procedure has become very simple and when you subscribe to a new operator, you can easily terminate your old one. This weekend there are two offers (but mostly one) which are very competitive and could save you a colossal amount.

As you will see below, the first internet box at a reduced price is that of SFR. Internet service provider gives you up to 500 Mb / s for just 10 euros per month (instead of 38 euros). This is the best offer we have seen in the last 3 years, and you shouldn’t miss this My Fiber Days operation. On the other hand, we have a box at RED by SFR which is without commitment and which is tempting.

See the SFR offer

Whether at SFR or at RED by SFR, you must first check your eligibility for fiber (or ADSL) on the site of each operator. If you are eligible and are a new customer with one of them, then you can take advantage of the offers detailed below.

The SFR internet box, a real treat

The SFR internet box range is made up of two products: the SFR Fiber formula and the SFR Fiber Power formula. Even the most classic of the offers remains more efficient than those of its direct rivals Orange (Livebox) and Bouygues Telecom (Bbox). Indeed, the upstream and downstream flow is much faster at SFR than the other two. Another convincing argument this weekend: the price is 3 to 4 times lower.

On the occasion of this Mes Jours Fiber operation which ends on Whit Monday, the internet box of the SFR Fiber formula sees its price drop sharply. So you can get in a totally exceptional way fiber with very high speed (500 Mb / s download and 50 Mb / s upload), unlimited calls to landlines and 160 TV channels for 10 euros per month (instead of 38 euros).

To see the offer, it’s here:

See the SFR offer

As always, SFR distinguishes the price over two periods: the first year following the subscription and after. In this specific case, you can have the internet box for 10 euros per month the first year, then 38 euros per month beyond. Over the first twelve months, you can therefore avoid paying € 336 in fees that you would have paid without the offer.

You can consult our internet box comparator, there is no actor who does as well as SFR. For example, Bouygues Telecom offers fiber with 300 Mb / s for € 15.99 per month while Orange (with its Livebox) offers 400 Mb / s for € 22.99 per month. These prices are also valid for one year, after which they also go up as at SFR (but higher).

The other side of the coin is that SFR asks you to commit to a 12-month period with this internet box. But once again, it is a practice that is democratized on the market (except at RED by SFR, see below). That said, the price of 10 euros per month is guaranteed for the first year. You can therefore always choose to cancel after this period if you do not accept the price increase.

If the price of this internet box amply justifies the change to SFR, the operator puts forward a last argument. In this case, he undertakes to cover the termination costs up to 100 euros. Whichever operator you terminate with, these fees will never be higher. You are therefore guaranteed to make a cost-free transition.

RED by SFR, a no-obligation alternative

If SFR’s offer is clearly the most advantageous on the market in terms of price, that of RED by SFR is interesting for its flexibility. Indeed, the internet box of this ISP is without commitment of duration, which will appeal to some. This implies that you can cancel from the first year, so you do not have to report to this operator.

In detail, this includes fiber with very high speed (1 Gb / s for downloading and 500 Mb / s for sending), unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles as well as 35 TV channels. These are accessible either on a digital medium (free), or via a decoder that you will have to pay 19 euros (one-off fixed cost) to get the stream on your television.

In terms of the price for this internet box, it takes 25 euros per month instead of 38 euros – knowing that the first month is free. It is therefore more expensive than the SFR Fiber box, but it is more complete and more powerful. From a value for money point of view, it is very competitive. Besides the fact that it is without commitment, the price will not double (or even triple, or even more) after one year.

See the RED by SFR offer

Whether at SFR or at RED by SFR, you have options to obtain even more powerful speeds. This is the case, for example, with the Max Flow option at RED by SFR (7 euros per month) or with Box 8 at SFR. The latter is ultra powerful and it includes a router and a more upscale TV box. However, it is not available with the limited series from SFR.

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