Shadow doubles the price of its basic offer

Saved from bankruptcy by Octave Klaba, Blade revised its prices upwards. The price of the basic formula doubles, from € 14.99 to € 29.99.

Earlier this year, Blade, the company behind the cloud computing service Shadow, encountered significant financial difficulties which led him to receivership. The French firm was finally saved from bankruptcy at the last minute by Octave Klaba, founder of OVH. If Shadow should therefore not disappear from the radars for its approximately 100,000 active users, we could expect changes, and it is now done with a significant increase in prices.

+ € 15 for Boost and Ultra offers

Octave Klaba’s new ambitions for Shadow services require the hiring of new employees, and this therefore means increasing subscription prices, some of which have even doubled. Thus the basic Boost formula goes to € 29.99 per month, or double the current price. The Ultra plan takes € 15 and will cost € 44.99 and the Infinite plan takes € 5 and now amounts to € 54.99 per month. On the other hand, the price of the various options should not be increased.

If the new owner of Blade increases the prices in this way, it is also to unblock the situation. As Yannis Weinbach, head of consumer offerings, explains, the old prices were way too low, and that’s part of what would have led Blade to sell its assets and find itself in disarray. These new prices should allow the company to take its head out of the water and look to the future more calmly with future investments.

As for subscribers who had pre-ordered their offer with the old price, they will obviously be able to cancel their pre-order if they do not intend to pay more.

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