Switch off your smartphone with the Google Assistant

The colleagues from 9to5google took a closer look at the source code of Android and made an interesting discovery. In the future, it could well be possible that you can switch off your smartphone by voice with the Google Assistant.

Switch off your smartphone with the Google Assistant in the future

Android 12 was recently introduced and, as is the case with new Android versions, there are always some innovations. It is now the case that in future you can start the Google Assistant with a long press on the power button.

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The question that now arises is how can you switch off your smartphone again?

This is made possible by the combination of the power + volume up key. Now, however, the source code has revealed a possibility with which the smartphone can also be switched off by voice. So far it was not possible to access deeper system settings with the Google Assistant by voice.

As is so often the case, the APK searched is only a find that could theoretically be used in this way. It remains to be seen whether this option will actually find its way into the final version at the end.

Here is the article that I already mentioned above:

In future, start the Google Assistant with a long press

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