Top tip: our 3 favorite VPNs are (also) down sharply

Don’t miss out on these three exceptional promo offers from the best VPNs around.

For many people, the Internet is synonymous with endless possibilities and extreme convenience. But did you know that the net is also a privileged playground for a crowd of ill-intentioned people?

Indeed, your information is exposed there, and hackers or malicious software have no trouble obtaining for example your bank details, or even tracing back to your identity via your IP address. To prevent this from happening, you can equip yourself with a VPN. This software encrypts your data and masks your IP in order to protect you, but also offers you other advantages.

To take advantage of best VPNs on the market At a reduced price, we have selected three unmissable offers for you, the best of which is at CyberGhost VPN, available for a limited time at only € 2 per month.

CyberGhost VPN offer at 2 € / month + 3 months free

You may already be familiar with the VPN provider CyberGhost, if you’ve already researched this. The latter has optimal security settings: it encrypts your browsing information according to the AES 256-bit standard, and hides your IP address without showing any DNS leaks.

But CyberGhost goes further to offer you a complete and quality offer. It thus provides you with a number of servers exceeding 6,900, covering in total almost 90 countries. This will do several things for you.

In particular, you will be able to unblock foreign Netflix catalogs (Netflix US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.), but also access geo-restricted game servers, for example. Thanks to CyberGhost, you will also be able to browse anonymously, so that no one – not even your employer or your ISP – can track your online activity.

This is valid on all your devices (computer, smartphone, tablet). All of these options are really great, and you can take advantage of them right now at a great price. Indeed, CyberGhost is lowering the price of its 3-year subscription by 83%, but that’s not all.

It also gives you three more months of protection. So, you will pay only € 2 per month, compared to € 11.99 normally. To take advantage of it, hurry, because this offer is limited.

Take advantage of the CyberGhost offer

An immediate 65% reduction at NordVPN

Among the most interesting offers of the moment, we would like to tell you about a unique promotion that is underway at NordVPN. This software effectively protects you against possible online attacks, but also allows you to take advantage of additional features.

Among these options, NordVPN allows you to browse 100% anonymously, which is very valuable. But NordVPN will also be useful in other areas, such as downloading torrents, thanks to servers optimized for P2P.

Likewise, NordVPN has double VPN and obfuscated servers, so no one will know you’re going through a VPN for added privacy. Since we are talking about the servers of this VPN, know that they are more than 5,500 and that they cover about sixty countries around the world.

You will be able to bypass all geo-blocks in a very simple way. With NordVPN, you will also benefit from 24/7 customer support. The good news is that all of this is available right now with an exceptional 65% discount.

Valid on the NordVPN two-year subscription, this reduction is reduced the monthly price of your VPN at 3.30 € instead of 9.56 €. If that’s not enough to convince you, know that this VPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can test its tool with peace of mind.

Discover the NordVPN offer

Surfshark VPN drops price by 81%

If the two VPNs we have just discussed are very qualitative, Surfshark, which we are going to talk about now, is not left out (our detailed Surfshark test here). This software indeed holds a place of choice on the VPN market, thanks to an irreproachable quality of service.

With Surfshark, your data and identity are effectively protected, and you can browse with peace of mind. But beyond the security settings, these are also very useful options that this VPN offers you. In particular, you will be able to bypass geo-blocks (streaming platforms, online game servers) or even browse while being 100% anonymous.

Surfshark also allows you to download torrents thanks to a good connection speed and servers designed for P2P. Finally, be aware that Surfshark VPN allows you to circumvent government censorship practiced in China.

This feature is much appreciated, consider it if you have to travel to this country. If you already find Surfshark attractive, wait and see what it has in store for you when it comes to pricing: an immediate 81% reduction.

Indeed, if you subscribe to this VPN for a period of two years, it’s not € 10.77 that you will have to pay each month, but only € 2.05. But beware, this offer will only be valid for a short time, take advantage of it quickly.

Explore the Surfshark VPN offer

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