WhatsApp will allow you to transfer your chat history to another phone number

WhatsApp is working on a function that will save a lot of headaches and that will give the possibility of transferring all our history when we change an iOS mobile for Android, or vice versa.

A dynamic that will also be applied when the user wants to change the phone number, without having to resort to a backup to carry out the process manually.

WhatsApp will make it easier to migrate the chat history when we change the mobile

WhatsApp does not offer a means that allows us to transfer all the content when we change to a mobile with a different operating system. So if you go from an Android mobile to an iPhone, you will have to resign yourself to losing your chat history, or resort to some third-party tools to carry out this process.

And you don’t have a resource that allows you to automatically transfer all your chat history when you change your phone number. But it seems that WhatsApp wants to save all these problems for the user by offering a simple dynamic from the same app to transfer all the content without problems.

As mentioned WabetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on a function that will allow you to pass all chats, files, videos, voice notes, photographs, etc. A dynamic that can be implemented when you link a new phone, as can be seen in the screenshots shared by that medium.

And this system would also work if you switch to another phone number: you can transfer all your chat history from your WhatsApp account. At the moment, this function is under development, so it will take a considerable time until we see this operation in the WhatsApp app on iOS and Android.

Remember that WhatsApp has multiple functions in development, and many others have been in testing for weeks. Some of them reach the stable version of WhatsApp although with a different dynamic, and others remain on the way.

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