5 of the most important novelties presented at the Google I / O 2021 event

We already know that those of the big G always present good news at the Google I / O developer event, and this 2021 edition has been no exception.

During the last few days there has been a lot of fabric to cut and below we have the summary of the highlights in this edition in different areas.

First of all, Android 12

The interface of Android mobiles will be having interesting changes in the area of ​​icons and notifications, since Material You has arrived, a new design that shows larger buttons and notifications with animations and colors that change.

In addition to the above, this improved interface will be available in a web version, applications, Android and hardware.

Google web tool to detect skin problems

Using the mobile camera, 3 photographs can be taken so that the artificial intelligence of this tool detects problems or infections in areas such as hair, nails or skin. At the time of taking the photos, some questions related to symptoms and the condition of the skin will have to be answered, and that is where the AI ​​will search through a list of 288 conditions to give the possible result.

This function, although it has already been presented, will not be available until the end of the year, when the pilot test is launched.

Google Photos also has news

Initially launched on Pixels mobiles, the tool Locked Folder will allow you to hide photos so that they are not visible in the application or in any other app. To be able to access them, just enter the fingerprint or password and the content will be available. Without a doubt, a really useful tool.

Google Maps and its new functions

With regard to Google Maps, we find improvements in the Live View app to navigate the app in real time thanks to augmented reality. Thanks to this, you will be able to have quick information about the congestion of restaurants and shops, their reviews and photos. The same will happen in airports and shopping centers.

Likewise, Live View will take care of providing better details in known and constantly used locations, as well as giving better labels on streets with complex information, such as sidewalks and crosswalks.

Google and Samsung team up to get more out of Wear OS and Tizen

Last but not least, we find an alliance between those of the big G with the South Korean firm to improve some aspects of smart watches and bracelets with the Wear OS operating system. Now, Samsung’s software, Tizen (used in smartwatches, smart cars, IoT, Smart TV, among others), will be merged to improve battery life, 30% faster charging time, and smoother animations and apps.

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